Leakers be warned

What happened

Some content has been leaked and posted on other websites (such as the “L” site) and telegram. This not only caused financial harm to us, but also created crises in our relationship with models, damaged our reputation, and put our business at risk. We took down some content of some models because these models no longer wish their nude photos and videos to be published due to the incident.

How we fight back

First off, we will know who the leakers are.

We have hired legal services to compel telegram to provide copyright infringement abusers’ IP addresses and phone numbers. We are also actively monitoring leak websites and telegram for new content leak incidents. The telegram channel dedicated to leaking our content has grown to a significant number of users, which translates to a significant amount of monetary damage in lawsuits. So leakers, for your own sake, think twice before you decide to illegally spread our copyrighted material, because that will not only cause monetary damage to us, but also a huge monetary damage claim against you.

Going forward, we are also using iMATAG technology to embed invisible and unremovable digital watermarks of subscriber ID numbers in the content using a certified neural network with randomized pixel smoothing. That means from the leaked content we can easily tell which subscriber leaked the content.

In conclusion

Our legal services will obtain leakers’ IP addresses and phone numbers. The leaked content will have the leaker’s subscriber ID number embedded in the content using a neural network algorithm. We are monitoring all leak websites and telegram channels. We will file huge monetary damage claims against leakers in the court going forward. Leakers be warned.